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Many insurance carriers that provide No-Fault and Workers’ Comp coverage are using processes and protocols specifically designed to minimize or deny payment of providers’ claims:

  1. Carriers’ processes are paper-intensive.
  2. Compliance with rigid, inviolable deadlines and complex reporting requirements require enormous effort by overworked billing staffs at hospitals and physician practices.
  3. Carriers’ business strategies are built on four D’s – Delay, Dispute, Deny and Discount. As a result, carriers administratively pay only 25-40% of providers’ claims. The remaining outstanding balances carriers eventually agree to pay – or are required to pay -- can take months or even years to collect.

Providers have two choices – (1) be a victim and continue accepting or settling for less than you legitimately bill or (2) enlist Medtrx to begin collecting the revenues you earn and deserve.

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